Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wheels Mounted

Well, here it is. New metal and rubber on all four corners. I'm very pleased with the results!

Glorious, no?
I have to repaint the wooden door moldings back to black so it looks better.

And from the side:
The front pokes out a tiny bit, but it looks great.
The rear is still somewhat inset.

A slightly closer shot.
Chilling with my friend Jakob's Mk3 GTI
This just in: I bad picturemaking. You can sort of see the track width from this shot.

After running on several twisty roads, I can definitely say that tires are no longer my bottleneck. Now, it will have to be the suspension. These tires grip so well that the body roll is becoming unbearable, so I will have to start finding a solution for that sooner or later.

And then later on, this happened. She's always had an idling issue where the rpms just drop very low (engine doesn't want to stutter and die though), but it hasn't reached and maintained 350 rpm before... At least if I hit the AC button, it'll jump back up!

This shouldn't happen.
I also got new floor mats to replace the aging (and missing) carpet currently in there. No pictures, I forgot...
Next up on the to-do list will be headlights. They should hopefully be in this weekend.

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  1. Rock on man, those look awesome. I'm Gamble on the cs forums, i made a guide on doing slip on spacers right in the rear if you ever wanna get the fit juuuuust right.

    I follow a few things on RSS via feedly but mostly things seem to have moved to facebook or instagram which i hate, nice to see some decent 80's supra goodness in my reader. Keep the updates comin.