Saturday, March 5, 2016

Spring Revival

Hey guys! It's been a while.

She was in covered storage, but had to be parked outside to wait for servicing.

Shan has been waiting for a while, and every day I long to take her out more. Hopefully the wait shouldn't be too much longer!
She's currently in the shop getting general maintenance taken care of. Oh, and the rear brakes were shot apparently, so that's being replaced.

So, a quick update of what's been happening.

I checked the VIN. 1984, in a dealer in California. Fast forward 10 years to 1994, it's suddenly in Bloomington (there was literally nothing reported in between 1984 and 1994). Go to 2011, it's in Farmersburg. And in 2015, it's in West Lafayette. The history checks out!

I bought a custom turbo exhaust manifold from a person on the MkII Celica Supra Facebook page. You can expect that to be put into use in the next couple of years.

Custom manifold. I wonder how this will hold up.

I got a rear wiper motor off of EBay. Hopefully that'll make the rear wiper functional again.

EBay wiper motor + "transmission" linkage. Let's see how this holds.

I got Hella Vision Plus headlights from Summit Racing. I will drop those in very soon.

I'm assuming anything will be better than the stock headlights.

I am highly considering getting white Enkei Compes in 16x8 with 0mm offset. My friend has a spare set of Toyo RA1's in 225/50/r16, which has almost the same diameter as the stock tires.

Imagine this, but on a Supra instead.

Shan will be back and running very soon!

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