Friday, November 6, 2015

Wheels And Stuff

Heyo, three things to be covered today.

First, I'm going to get winter tires. I'm going to get new rims for the tires, and I'm going to do this correctly.
Right now, I am looking at the Rota Shakotan 15x7 with 0mm offset. Of course the bolt pattern would be 4x114.3. Getting wheels that don't fit my car would just be dumb.
For the tires, I'm considering the General Tire Altimax Arctic 205/60R15. It is rated at 91Q, which, given my circumstances, should be more than enough. No studs will be used.

Here's what the rims would look like. Credits to 9tro.
Image for reference. This is not my car.

Second, I just checked my current tires' pressures today. I thought they looked pretty deflated, but my friend kept telling me they were fine. Of course I trusted myself more, so I went ahead and topped them off.
Well, the highest tire pressure was around 26 psi. And the lowest? A shocking 22 psi. I topped all four corners back up to 32 psi. Time will tell if they hold the air...

Third, downshifting! That was fun. I managed to do it quite successfully several times. I realized that the trick is to just blip the gas, as opposed to holding it while trying to rev match. I also did a hillstart without the handbrake, so I'm pretty proud of my skill development.

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