Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Drifts!

Today was exciting!

I went with some friends to a drift event about an hour away. My friend Kevin brought his Subaru BRZ and Chris brought his Toyota/Scion GT86/FRS. The place was at the US 41 Motorplex.

Anyways, here's some videos.

Fun stuff!

Yes, I stalled at the end.

Budget drift button mod.

Yep, still missing the door molding.

On the way back, my friend's car broke down, unfortunately. He was stranded on the side of the road for about an hour before the tow truck came, but then realized his car was too low to tow...

Beautiful Indiana scenery.

He's okay now, safe and sound and still equipped with his E30 project car. That Sciyota FR86 might be toast, but we're not sure.

In other news!
The Supra was idling at around 400 rpm for a while, which was kinda scary. It still ran fine, however. I did have to fill her up with more coolant, and white smoke was coming out of the exhaust. The check engine light would come on quite frequently on the highway, but once the car was under control, it would happily cruise at 90 mph.

After getting back, I decided to look around under Shan. Turns out I don't even have to jack her up to fit underneath! Aside from seeing a ton of rust, I found a random box attached to the inside of the front bumper.

Not the first place to imagine finding keys at.

They were pretty smart!

Well now that I've publicized where I keep my second spare key, I wouldn't be too surprised if I wake up one day and my Supra was gone. Which would suck.

Please don't steal my car.

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