Sunday, November 22, 2015

Snow's Here, Show's Over

So, the snow touched down on Saturday morning. 

Pretty, isn't it?

It looked pretty, but then got lame real fast.

I knew it wouldn't be optimal to drive Shan around in the snow/ice, but I wasn't ready for how bad it would be.
Had I even revved the engine a bit past idle, my rear end would slip. Motorized wheelchairs could probably beat me in a race.
But that doesn't express how fun the snow is.

Glamour shot!

I had about half an inch of tread left in the rears. Mix that with my lack of any driver assists, and you can easily see why it was so hard to control.
For that very reason, I was doing "burnouts" and "drifting" all around the neighborhood, without much difficulty! ...while near idle in 2nd. It was fun, But it's definitely not practical. Nor is it useful or safe when I'm actually going places.

Showcasing my door molding replacement. Shout out to electrical tape.

Shan's most likely going to be staying inside for the rest of the season. They salt the roads regularly here, and with how her underside is looking already, I really don't want to add another element of corrosion.

A better picture is on my Instagram. Follow me at "Dudsap".

It was fun maintaining this blog. Thanks a lot for tuning in! I'll be sure to keep updating this blog as things move along. This isn't the end; just a short break.

Until next time!

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