Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Get Jacked

Yesterday, I tried jacking my car up to swap the front and rear wheels (more tread on back = more slidey fun). Things went pretty well: we were able to get seized lug nuts off, and we found the front jacking points. Aaand that about concludes the list of good things that happened.

Onto the exciting business!

My friend told me to rest the jackstands on the pinch welds on the side of the car. That didn't turn out so well. There was a loud BANG and the whole thing buckled.

 That metal part should be straight. It is not.

This happened. Wait, that exhaust...

Is that exhaust even connected? Or am I actually straight piped?!

Dear other Supra owners, if you want to jack up your cars, please use the frame itself. The frame is very visibly fine in the first photo. Don't use the pinch welds on a 30+ year old car.

If only I had contacted the Facebook engineers earlier.

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