Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Some Backstory

I have only managed to gather some of the backstory from the last two owners. All of this knowledge was transferred to me via word of mouth, so the reliability of the source might not seem very trustworthy, but the condition of the car definitely gives it more substance.

The owner of the car two people ago was a professor at Indiana University. He originally obtained the car wanting to drift it. He wanted to modify everything, including but not limited to, gutting the interior. However, this dream was unable to come true for him and the car was sold to the next owner.
The next owner is the brother of the man I bought the car from. He loved the car very much and took great care of it. However, he fell ill to cancer and his health deteriorated slowly little by little until he was no longer able to operate the car's clutch. He passed away in the April of 2014. They had originally wanted to transfer the car to his daughter, but she disliked this idea because it had a manual transmission, so instead they registered it under the owner's mother. After two years of not being driven and one and a half years of acting as a memorial to the deceased, the family finally decided to let the car go.

The first part of the story can be confirmed in a multitude of ways. The car has custom tower struts in the front and back and the original steering wheel has been replaced by a much smaller one. The AC compressor and the extending antenna have also been removed, possibly as additional weight reduction.

As per the second part of the story, I also strongly believe that what I have been told is true. The car was in great condition given how old it was, and mostly everything was still working as well. It was a very sentimental moment when the title of the car was transferred to me and I could clearly feel the emotions that surrounded the whole experience. The owner's mother expressed how she wanted to make sure that the car was being transferred to an owner who would look after the car and make sure that it stays safe. I gave her my guarantee that the car will be safe while under my watch. I felt her letting go with faith and relief in me, the car, and in her son.

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