Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Introduction, Car's Summary

Hey world!

My name is Pawin. I am currently a student at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.
This blog is going to revolve around my 1984 Toyota Celica Supra, aka the MkII Supra. I have already gone ahead and named her Shan, based on the surname of the previous owner.

Before I say any more, here's a picture:

Mostly in good working condition!

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me! I'm open to inquiry :)

I will kick off this blog with some of the specs that I have gathered:
  • The Supra had around 129,600 miles on the odometer when purchased.
  • It is a left hand drive car.
  • I was told to run her on 93 gas.
  • I purchased her on October 17, 2015 for 2,300 USD.

Engine Bay & Stuff:
  • The engine is an inline 6 with EFI and DOHC. I'm guessing it's the 5M-GE engine with 2.8L.
  • There is a garden hose valve attached to the coolant hose leading into the engine block. <PICTURE BELOW>
  • There was a pair of old men's underwear and a funnel sitting at opposite sides of the engine bay. The funnel is useful at times but the underwear is just there for giggles.
  • One of the previous owners installed a front and rear tower braces. The front one is thin as a toothpick but the rear one is very solid.
  • One of the previous owners removed the AC compressor. The fan still works, but it blows in hot air from the engine bay.
  • There is a 5 speed manual transmission. Supposedly the previous owner recently swapped the transmission and clutch, so I am unclear what brands they are and how old they are.
  • She shoots flames when upshifting or when letting off the throttle at high rpms.
  • The engine likes to overheat when sitting still or moving at slow speeds. There are too many potential reasons for this.

Driving Characteristics:
  • I'm not sure if there is power steering or not. 
  • The steering wheel has been replaced with a smaller aftermarket wheel, which blocks me from reading the speedometer while driving.
  • She has very good alignment. Your hands can be off the wheel and she will keep going straight.
  • The shift stick is quite loose and it will wobble a lot even when in gear.
  • The handbrake is good. It will hold the car even on a hill.
  • The clutch is quite heavy.
  • You can get moving in reverse gear by just letting go of the clutch.
  • The steering wheel vibrates when travelling at 70-80 mph. I have yet to take her faster than that.
  • The redline is at 6,500, but the fuel cut is closer to 7,000.
  • The powerband really kicks in at around 3,500. My friends and I call it SketchTec, since it feels and sounds like V-Tec but there were no such systems in place when the car was made.
  • She oversteers very easily.
  • She sounds very loud and feels fast but isn't actually very fast. 
  • The Supra is a lot of fun for what she is.

  • There is no ABS or ESC or airbags or anything.
  • The horn works!
  • One of the previous owners removed the radio antenna. However, she still picks up radio stations, surprisingly.
  • The head unit works. I have yet to test the cassette player.
  • The fog lights have been replaced by dim purple light bulbs. They are nice aesthetically but serve no functional purpose.
  • The pop-up headlights work well and are very satisfactory.
  • The power windows are working.
  • The left side rear-view mirror's motor just be malfunctioning. It tries to move but then jumps back to its initial position.
  • The windshield wipers work. The back wiper's rubber will need to be replaced soon.
  • All of the fuses that I checked are in tact. 
  • The internal electronics were still mostly functional when I bought her. The 12V power outlet is unreliable, however. I will check the wiring to see what is wrong, since sometimes it works and other times it doesn't.
  • A speaker might be blown, I'm not sure.
  • The internal door locks on the driver's side door doesn't work, so the driver's side door has to be locked and unlocked by a key from the outside.

Bodywork & Rust:
  • She looked accident-free (knock on wood). All of the doors and hatches open and close well.
  • There are some bits of surface rust in the corners. There is a large rusted hole behind the rear right wheel which exposes some hoses going to the rear of the car.
  • The engine bay is quite rusty and dusty. It will look quite nice when cleaned.
  • There is quite a bit of surface rust on the exterior.
  • The exhaust is quite rusted. However, she idles very loudly and will scream when you open up the throttle.
  • I'm very certain that the catalytic converter has been removed.
  • She came with two blind spot mirrors, one on each side mirror.
  • The trim along the driver's side door is gone, and there is a line of rust where the trim should be. 
  • The trim along the passenger's side door has been replaced by a stick of wood painted black.

  • There are disc brakes in both the front and back.
  • The wheels are the OEM 14 inch rims with 225/60R14 tires.
  • There is considerably less tread in the rear wheels than in the front.
  • There is a spare wheel in the boot that also has the OEM rims.

Sketch DIY fix is sketch.

And here are the modifications that I have made to-date:

Oct. 17, 2015
  • The coolant hose leading into the engine block ripped apart and sprayed coolant all over the engine after my friend hooned around in her. I have since removed the ripped portion by shortening the hose and reattached it to the engine. I haven't had problems from the hose since.
  • When I first got her, she idled at 500 rpm, and there was a lot of slack in the throttle cable. Both of these issues have been addressed. She now idles closer to 800rpm, and the throttle is much more responsive.
  • I changed the oil to Mobil 1 and replaced the oil filter as well. I topped up the coolant with water for now.

I will get the horsepower and torque readings soon. There is a dyno day coming up and I hope to be able to bring Shan along.

Thanks for visiting my page! Expect many updates in the near future.

UPDATE: The dyno day fell through. 

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