Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Running With No Coolant...

I am so glad Shan is still alive.

Blowing off steam.

Today, I learned why you don't top up your coolant and run right away.

At first, I drove her around 2 miles to go check out a M104 cylinder head. By the time I arrived, the needle was going through the roof. So I did what you'd normally do; open radiator cap, vent, and wait.
On the drive back, things weren't much better. It reached a point where the "check engine" light came on. I rolled her into a nearby parking lot, played with the rad cap, vent, etc.

I told my friend about my problem and he offered to help me find a solution. I drove it back to his place which was barely a mile away, but by then the engine temp needle was about to burst into flames. Again, rad cap open, vent, and wait.

My friend wanted to see what was wrong, so he took it around the neighborhood. Well, we didn't even get two blocks away before the temp was in the red again. So when we got back, we opened the rad cap fully and started filling her up.

Boy, was she thirsty.

A terrible sense of dread loomed over us...

We poured an entire gallon of STP antifreeze/coolant into the system, had to make a trip to the nearby gas station, and emptied another gallon into her. Even then, there was still more room for coolant. I'm going to add more in the morning as soon as I can.

I must say, having coolant makes Shan run so much better. All the gauges are running within limits, and oil level seems to be good. I wonder what is gonna go wrong next.

Not a pretty sight.

In other news, I learned that she does, in fact, have fog lights! Well, a fog light. The right one is broken, so I will have to fix that. I also discovered that the antenna's motor is still in place, as it whirs when you play with a switch on the center console.

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