Thursday, October 22, 2015

Parking From Hell

Let me just say, parking around campus here sucks.

I went into a parking lot and could not find a spot at all until we reached the roof of the structure. How could there be so many cars??
Anyways, My friend freaked out a bit but I kept telling him that we are fine because I was from Hong Kong. That might seem quite unrelated to you, but I say that because there is really no space and very little room for error there.
Well, I went a bit close when parking.

That's too close for comfort!

It's alright though, I didn't touch the wall. Until I brought her back home.

This is where the real skill comes in. My spot is sandwiched between a wall and an SUV, which gives me basically no room. When I tried reversing her in, I miscalculated the distances (I forgot about the fender flares) and... scraped against the wall. There is now a little scratch on the rear right fender flare. At least it was minor.

The picture makes it look like I have a lot more space than I actually have.

This sucks. 

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