Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Fresh Look

We gave Shan a nice wash today.

My friend helped me to clay-bar and detail her, and we used Back on Black for the trim around the car. Sadly, nothing could fix the rust spots.

Damned night time makes it so hard to do any work... 

We also cleaned up the interior and changed the wipers. It rained a bit today and we realized how shot the current wipers were. Who knows how many years old they were.

Under the spotlight. Trust me, it's better in person.

This is all in preparation for the car meet going down on this coming Sunday. I can't wait!

Side note, apparently my car is really flame. My friend saw my car in a post in the local auto group on Facebook. I never realized how lucky I am, and how lucky Shan is that she fell into the hands of someone who won't absolutely butcher her.

White gold truly exists.

Already more fame than I've ever gotten.

I love being a car guy!

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